Closed June 19 thru June 24 2021. Orders will ship on June 25 2021 Compressed Wound Six String Electric Strings .010-.042 Compressed Wound Six String Electric Strings .010-.042

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Shipping calculated at checkout. Compressed Wound Guitar strings will feel very familiar. 
You have probably used them for years and just haven't been able to find them lately.

They are the perfect compromise between Roundwound and Flatwound Strings. 
They are proudly Made in the USA using Amercian Made Materials and Labor.
This set is identical to the old Rickenbacker 95403 compressed wound set, same gauges and manufacturer.

SAVE 5% by purchasing 3 or more sets.


  • .010
  • .013
  • .017pl
  • .026
  • .034
  • .042